Change your World with a simple Smile! With Training-Checklist for getting a smiling-habit!

It’s so simple to change your world, so unbelievable simple. We just need to smile! And of course, you don’t need a reason to do so. Actually, your smile will have the biggest impact whenever you don’t have a reason.

Just smile!

The movement of your muscles to a simple smile sends multiple signals to your whole body.

You will relax in the time of just a minute, your brain starts thinking rationally again, your heart beat smoothes down and your whole hormon system gets better. You will be able to think clearly and more positive, just try it once and, of course, like all things in life it will even have bigger effects when been done regularly.

Ah, and by the way, don’t forget that by your whole body language changing your chances get reversed from very bad to pretty good, that other humans will react positively. No matter if a situation is with your spouse, child or other close ones or if it is in a totally professional context. We all have something like mirror neurons in our brains and they enable us, to somehow reflect and also to understand the emotional state of our fellows to a certain degree.

Well, actually I wouldnt sit here and write this article and Im quite sure, I wouldnt have the Strength to learn and implement a lot of things thes last years if I wouldnt have trained myself from a quite shy, rarely just like that smiling person to someone who easily smiles whenever.

Of course, smiling is just one of the first steps, there are so much more effective practices that one can easily change.

But it’s sooo easy, doesn’t take any of your time, looks so beautiful on any face and gives the smiling person as much as all people seeing the smile, such a nice, warm feeling of trust and confidence.


So let’s think about some strategies how to implement our knowledge into our lives. Let’s create a checklist on…


  1. Whenever you wake up: Smile! Get a habit of smiling the second you wake up. Before you stand up and before you even open your eyes, just move your lips to a bright friendly smile!
  2. Keep on smiling for as long as you can and just watch yourself. Maybe you will feel a little weird in the beginning, but I guess you’ll start heavily laughing at some point. Well, that’s a nice start in the day.
  3. Imagine any person, animal and plant you might meet through-out the day as a smiling police officer: They will all imprison you, if your smile is not their, a fresh, sunny, friendly smile! So if you don’t want to go to prison, just smile whenever you see anything or anybody!
  4. Through out the whole conversation with a person, think from time to time about your lip-muscles: Well, depending on the topic you talk about you must know yourself, but try to stick your lips a little higher than you usually did up to know.
  5. If you like, you may even have a checklist on how often you smiled, but my way was: Smile the whole day! So it would have been quite a long list…
  6. Use language that fits to your smile: Use thanks, please, yes and any other positive words as much as you can. And… you always can more. So every day use them more.
  7. For this one you definitly need a list, I used a notebook, so that I have all lists together: Write down to any name that has a meaning to you, what this dear person today did good to you. Believe me, there is always something. Pick the most positive thing and write it down. In worst case, you can write down, that you learnt a lesson and well, actually that’s not the real worst case. Without lessons not learning, without learning no strength!
  8. Read out loud the list to yourself right before you got to sleep and think about one point from this day or the last days that you are most thankful about.
  9. Hug yourself and smile into the mirror to stimulate your own mirror neurons!
  10. Go to sleep with a smile on your face!


So after all, smiling is really easy to integrate into your daily life and it’s like a key to changing your whole world

ah, and by the way. Regularly smiling has a lot of health benefits, too! It strengthens your immune system, by relaxing your whole body muscles it can reduce headache as much as back pain or any other pain and it balances your hormons, moods and just everything in the long run!

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