Roasting without fat?

My husband and I do it for years and even our guests which claim not to like organic kitchen (and being used to „normal“ Tajine, Couscous and Co) where surprised how good the meals always taste.

And we don’t even need a non-stick (e.g. coated, ceramic…) frying pan.

Neither am I talking exclusively about meat, which actually contains enough fat on its own.

I’m talking about water, simple water.

Actually, I recently read that mineral water with a high carbonation content shall work specially good. And I might try it, but the water we use for years now is the expensive special one from…

… joke,

of course it’s neither difficult to get, nor expensive. You can use any kind of clean water!


And the benefits are multiple:

1. First and I guess most importandly you save a lot of highly heated fat, calories and all the health-benefits that a cold-pressed natural oil contains.

2. Cleaning the pan and

3. As for no. 2 you save some soap and other mediums you use to clean and the pan will probably live longer, as the material will be less heatened, so you even save a little money in this regard

How to do it:

Pour a little water in your frying pan. About the same amount that you’d have used for oil. Close the lid until the water startes boiling. That’s the moment you can add onions, meat, spices or other vegetables. Fry it as usual.

Once the water has evaporated, add small quantities little by little if necessary. It should never be too much water in your pan. You want to fry, not to steam your food. But still, same as with oil, you must watch the process, move everything from time to time and reduce the heat when everything looks fried. The details, of course, depend on the recipe and I will guide you through it.

Since fat is an important flavor carrier, you need to chose:

  1. If for a special diet necessary you can prepare your food with not fat at all or with a very tiny bit.
  2. For a general healthy diet fat is not a problem if it’s a high-quality cold pressed organic fat. Olive oil and coconut oil are our favorits and we use them following our taste. So you can best just try out how much you wanna add after the frying, but still during the cooking process or totally in the end on your plate. We personally use one a little less olive oil during the cooking process and add a little from our best moroccan organic olive oil in the end.

The less you heat the oil the better for your health and also for the taste

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