Use all your senses

You think you already do?

Close your eyes and remember when exactly you used all your senses last time. Not on the surface, but in depth.

Your nose: when did you really feel into the perfume of a flower last time. Do you even know how all the single vegetables in your kitchen smell on their own?

Your eyes: do you feel how much it reduces your stress levels whenever you see the colours green or blue in nature? If not, try next time to concentrate on the sky, a tree or any other beautiful aspect of nature.

Touch: when did you last time contemplate the touch of a loved one? You can even holed your own hand or put one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. Do you feel sth? Close your eyes and really get deep into this feeling. Relax.

Taste: You might have heard that chewing your food well is better. But now take one bite of whatever you like and try to enjoy only a little bite for as long as you can.

Your ears: Wake up early and listen to the birds chanting for you, your eyes closed.

Also try to listen more next time anyone speaks to you. How is the tone like? In which speed does the person speak. Which words does she use?

Do all these exercises at least once, better thrice a day for one week and write in the comments what you experienced. Did sth change, what did you feel. Which thoughts came through your mind while concentrating?


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